My name is Ros, and I’m very excited to be Learning & Fun tennis teacher.  I played tennis all my life and it was an amazing experience.  I would love to share my passion for the sport with young students that will have a skill they could enjoy and benefit for life.

I believe tennis is one of those lifelong sports than can be learned and enjoyed at any age and I really mean that. The main thing you need is enough energy to run around the court—and kids have that in spades. Don’t worry if your child isn’t the next Serena Williams, or you might think your child is too young.  Tennis is a great activity for even as young as two year olds, a thoughtfully constructed fun and play program that improves coordination, balance, arm and leg strength, and sportsmanship.  When I mention two years old, it doesn’t mean that they start learning forehands and backhands.  Instead we start from the very basics, playing with the ball, catching, throwing, bouncing and rolling it, holding a racquet, and slowly with time transitioning to swinging and connecting with the ball and court.  Our program will also incorporate story telling where kids will use their imagination and at the same time will be executing specific training activities in a playful way.  Very simple, fun, and proactive process that is wonderful for child development.

Child taking tennis lesson