About Us


Learning & Fun Daycare at St. George Academy is a program that provides early childhood education and care services for the East Village New York community. This mid-­sized preschool caters to children ages 2 to 5.  We offer both full and part-time programs that are designed to meet the needs of the young children of working families, while providing a safe, nurturing and caring environment. With highly qualified and motivated teachers and a reasonable tuition, Learning & Fun Daycare offers children the best possible educational and care-giving experience.

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We Believe

Life skills are developed in children at a very early age. As Piaget observed: “Play is the work of children.” The play activities of children must be approached with intelligence and foresight, that is, with an understanding that these activities are central to creating happy adults. When young children play in groups, they learn the vital skills of recognizing and understanding the emotions of others.  Every child is unique in his or her style of learning.  These differences allow young children to explore their unique personalities as well as their sense of potential in the world.

Finally, young children need to be active and immersed in challenging activities.  They need to explore and discover, analyze and question, while building and creating, and imaging their worlds. These activities are natural to children and will prepare them for the challenges ahead – both in school and in life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, educational, and loving environment, where children can learn while playing; we offer a stimulating early- care experience where children are encouraged to grow in all aspects of their development. A child’s social emotional, language, and motor skills will emerge and grow as he or she participates in individual projects, group activities, songs, games, storytime, proper hygiene, clean up, rest, and outside play. Our goal is to encourage self-expression and confidence while also promoting cultural exploration. We strive to build fulfilling experiences and happy memories.

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Director's Message

The idea of Learning & Fun Daycare came to us in 2014 and grew out of our desire to find the best possible learning experience for our son, Maxim. From our own experience as a family with a toddler, we saw a profound need in New York City for quality childcare services that could help our son fulfill all his potential as a person. After much research and personal experience, followed by more comparative studies, we found that the market lacked certain services and types of learning programs.  We felt we could develop a successful all-around program that addressed our desired daycare goals and this led to the foundation of Learning & Fun Daycare.