Math and Science

Math can be fun and really can be enjoyable to learn even among younger children. Concrete use of materials such as mega blocks, snap cubes, large Lego and other age-appropriate materials for exploration and hands-on are readily available in the math learning center. The teacher will closely supervise and engage each individual or small group of kids to communicate as they do hands-on activities. In this way, vocabulary is enhanced as they learn to describe using colors, shapes, and numbers.

Science for Young Children: Young children are naturally curious, inquisitive, excited, interested in exploring and eager to try new things. To encourage and pique their interest, we help children learn to develop problem-solving, critical thinking and communication life skills through simple observation and discovery of living or non-living things around in and out of the classroom environment. This may sound like a higher level of teaching and learning but remember that mostly two year olds become curious at this young age. Carefully planned indoor or outdoor activities for exploration and discovery will provide kids the exposure to experience things found in the natural environment.

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