Language and Speech

About this course

Age: 2-5Years
Activities: Language, Speech, Grammar
Available Seats: 12
Course Type: Language
Price: included
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Language and Speech are the essence of communication. Language is defined as the ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication. When they are first born infants communicate by crying, smiling, and even pointing. As they grow older they start to attempt to use language to communicate. Language allows kids to communicate with more nuance and specificity.

Speech is defined as the vocalized form of communication. Most language involves speech. At Learning & Fun we focus on building foundational communicative skills. Then we give children the necessary opportunities to practice and develop these skills.

At Learning & Fun We have a holistic approach to language. We believe in the importance of grammar as well as good manners. We also believe in the importance of exposing children to other languages so that they know that the world is a wonderful place full of a multitude of rich cultures. With older students we will even start to familiarize them with written language. But don’t worry, we won’t teach your children about sarcasm; they can discover it on their own in their teens.